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Please have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions to find any information that you might be looking for. If you have any further questions then please get in touch with our team to find out more information.

Why use Bri-Mac?
We are a Family business. We keep costs to a minimum and pass these savings onto our customers. From your first call, you are dealing with the people running the company. We design and manufacture in-house and our flexible working hours mean you will receive rapid answers for quotations and machining production updates.
Does Bri-Mac export?
Yes. We have customers in all corners of the world. Trading globally has made Bri-Mac very efficient. Whether it’s Mining in Chile, or Steel Mills in Australia, Cement Works in Malaysia, Electricity Production in Iraq, Crushing in France or Power Generation in Germany – there is nothing we cannot do. Exporting is fun, and we are very happy to visit your market to help you develop business on a personal basis.
I need to place an order – but can you offer carriage?
Yes – we have a team on hand to quote for carriage across the globe by land, sea & air. Whatever your requirement, we can provide.
Can you manufacture Taconite Seals & Labyrinth Seals?
Yes – in any material – to suit any shaft size. We can also manufacture in a SPLIT version.
I have a bearing over-heating in a very hot working environment - what can you offer?
We have developed a range of Water-Cooled bearing housings to help with this. We can add the water-cooling feature to almost any bearing housing & pillow block. This provides trouble-free service and helps to give the bearing a longer working life – leading to reduced maintenance costs.
I work in a busy Paper-Making Mill and we need a bearing housing pedestal with split bronze bush?
No problem. We work closely with a local non-ferrous foundry who can produce Phosphor Bronze Split Bushes to suit any size. Once machined, we then fit them inside a SPLIT steel or cast iron pedestal housing unit. Machined with grease grooves to suit any shaft size and speed.
Do Bri-Mac manufacture “Take-Up Bearing Housings”?
Yes. Sometimes referred to as bearing blocks or bearing chocks. These take-up housings (THDS) are non-split housings designed to accommodate heavy loads acting in different directions. These types of loads are typically encountered in conveyors, steel rolling mills, roller beds and crushers. Again, any size – any material.
Can you offer the complete package?
Yes – we can offer all related parts such as bearing, adaptor sleeve, end covers & seals. We can also deliver a complete fitted assembly.
I run a Bakery and need a pillow block housing compatible with the working environment?
For food installations, we can manufacture plummer blocks in Stainless Steel. Whether that be as a casting or from plate, stainless steel is the perfect solution.
I have a requirement for a HBND bearing housing – but in steel, can you help?
No problem. We are seeing a huge demand in producing HBND housings in cast steel. They cope excellently with higher loads and should strength be an issue, we can also make the base SOLID.
I am involved in the Crushing & Aggregate Industry – what can you offer?
We produce a range of SG Iron Flanged Bearing Housings for Vibrating Screens. These tightly toleranced machined parts arrive with End Covers, Labyrinth Seals & Sealing Collars. We can fit and supply the complete assembly.
I need detailed Material Certificates, NDT & Dimensional Inspection Reports.
Not a problem. Let us know what you need and we will supply certification for any inspection procedure you require, free of charge.
What is a Pillow Block?
A pillow block is just another name for a plummer block or bearing housing. It is a pedestal used to provide support for a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearings & various accessories. Housing material for a pillow block is typically made of cast iron or cast steel.
What materials can you produce from?
Cast Steel, Cast Iron, SG Iron, Stainless Steel, Flame-Cut Steel – the list is endless. We will take a look at anything for you.
I have an obsolete bearing housing – can you help?
We have a “reverse engineering” team who can bring any old design back to life.
What information do you require in order to be able to quote?
We actually only need the briefest of information in order to provide you with a price. Information like the bearing & shaft size – material & quantity will give us nearly all we need to help you with your costings.
I have a bearing housing in a very tight position, with restricted access – can you help?
We have worked on many projects where there is limited space around a particular area. It might be that we have to make split seal retaining plates to help repair/exchange seals. This gives a quick solution with little down time.
I work in a Steel Mill and we use Cast Iron Plummer Blocks which keep breaking – can you offer a solution?
Certainly. The biggest problem with Cast Iron Bearing Housings is that they break across the weakest part of the foot. For the SNL range, we offer our very own SSNT bearing housings which have a completely solid base. Not even cored under the feet. They are SOLID – and we can machine them to suit 2 x slots or 4 x holes – on centres to suit your special requirements.
Can you manufacture Self Lube Bearing Housings in Steel?
Yes. We can manufacture STEEL self-lube bearing housing to receive your UC type bearings. Any size – any quantity. We regularly manufacture the following units in STEEL …. UCP, UCPX, UCPA, UCF, UCFX, & UCFL.
Just let us know where and when you need us, and we will send you an engineer to take a look at your requirement.
I work in a Cement Works and need some Oil Lubricated Bearing Housings – can you manufacture?
Yes. Not only can we supply the entire SOFN, SONL & LOE ranges in traditional cast iron & cast steel – we can also offer them with larger oil cavity’s to store greater amounts of oil where temperatures are running high. We also manufacture the cooling coils which keep the oil temperatures down, helping to extend bearing life and keep maintenance to a minimum.
Do you have your own Pattern Equipment storage?
Yes. Having produced many different housings over the last 34 years, we have accumulated a huge selection of patterns which belong to Bri-Mac. There is little we cannot help you with – but should we need to produce new tooling to help with a new project, we have our own “in-house” pattern maker who can produce to your exact specifications.
I run a Water Treatment Plant and need water tight bearing housings.
Not a problem. We have good experience in producing bearing housings that have to be submerged in dirty water for extended periods. We can design and manufacture rotating parts which will be sealed against water ingress. They are then coated with a special Interzone paint finish giving them extended life in very dirty and aggressive working conditions.
I feel my company could gain by distributing the Bri-Mac range of Bearing Housings.
We welcome all opportunities to develop the Bri-Mac brand across the globe. We have a growing export demand and service many areas of the world – serving many diverse industries. Please send a direct email to Paul McCairn at sales@bri-mac.co.uk.

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