Working Internationally: A Bri-Mac Case Study

Working Internationally:
A Bri-Mac Case Study

Our international work began in 1996 and it is a key element of our success as a business. This blog will take you through the way in which we began to build through our international connections, sharing our expertise and building our reputation for quality engineering work with bespoke bearing housing solutions across industries and across countries.

Overcoming challenges and taking the first step

In 1996, the UK market was in decline, and we were only a small business. We were fortunate to find a way to access funding to support us with overseas travel, building our presence in the international arena and making strong connections through our strong foundations in engineering.

At the time, training was available to learn about the cultural differences of the wider society of each of the countries were beginning to work within and the different ways of doing business overseas.

Bri-Mac Working Internationally

International Business Growth

As we made connections, looking back now, our passion and depth of knowledge in our area of expertise clearly allowed us to showcase the work we have been creating back in the UK. We proudly presented the Black Country and our efforts soon gathered pace once we recognised the demand, channelling our efforts towards building our presence in the international market.

Paul travelled to all corners of the globe selling our growing brand and finding a welcome demand and interest in our product, our passion and knowledge.

Bri-Mac is now proud to say that we currently have customers in 67 different countries serving many different types of industry and we certainly say that the heavier and dirtier the work- the better! We love a challenge, and we have created our international reputation on our expert skills and knowledge, as well as our commitment to the toughest of jobs in any industry we’re approached by!

Continuing to grow into the future

Exporting sharpened us up. We learned a lot on the journey to becoming an international brand. We learned how to make processes effective and efficient for our customers, We have learned how to adapt to overcome challenges and provide a proactive solutions based approach for each of our clients.

We have a brand identity that is connected to a long heritage of engineering in our local area, and we are proud to be continuing to grow and work internationally.

A company that exports is often stronger with a more organised way of working and the international aspect of our company has certainly made us grow in our commitment to providing customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.

How we work with our international partners…

It all begins with a simple enquiry.

We make every effort to quote in a way which suits the country concerned. We produce clear and effective drawings and look to offer a quotation very quickly. If requested, we quote in the currency of that country.

We make sure the quotation is clear and once an order is received, we ask for a drawing to be signed and approved by the client, ensuring they are involved in the process and clear on the way forward.

During the manufacturing process, we will send production updates by picture and videos to continue this clear and open line of communication.

Upon completion, we also offer a shipping service.

We are able to move goods by road, sea and air, which is a popular option, and we prefer this as we are able to control that last part of the process.

We make every effort to follow up and visit these customers as we enjoy making connections with the people we are working with, and we know it is always very much appreciated when we travel long distances.

Our experiences have been that our overseas customers revere a British Made product and the GB brand is still in demand. There can be no better feeling than seeing your products reach overseas markets. It is a feeling that keeps us driven in our work and a part of our work that we enjoy immensely.

Design and Manufacture of Cast Steel Bearing Housings & Pillow Blocks at Bri-Mac International

We are passionate about design and spend much time finding solutions to bearing housing issues. Our housing solutions have been recognised by the Bearing Housing industry as the gold standard and our clients return time and time again for the working relationships we create through our collaboration; knowing we understand and commit to creating solutions that are proven to be effective every time.

Our products are built for extreme working conditions; aggressive and harsh working environments are where our purpose-built products truly stand out above our competitors as our clients have experienced the benefits of investing in high-quality manufacture to save money in the long term with products that have longevity as part of their design.


We foster a deep understanding that customer support is everything and collaboration between our clients’ needs and our expertise is vital for success.
The Bri-Mac team take great pride in producing the highest quality work for our international customer base, whether it be standard bearing housing or a custom-built Plummer block.
Every client receives our excellent customer service and an outstanding finished product that has been designed and manufactured with every attention to detail.

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