Bearing Housing for Clean Environments; what are the challenges?

Bearing Housing for Clean Environments; what are the challenges?

If we say ‘clean room’ the image that may be conjured in your mind may be an operating room. White, bright, spacious and perhaps empty. Contrast this with the likely image that is provided with the words ‘engineering and manufacturing’. Need we say any more?

Working within controlled environments requires expertise and collaboration. Both of which we have plenty of skills within at Bri-Mac International. Our team are qualified to respond to the requirements of our clients manufacturing across a wide range of industries. We’re proud of our Black Country roots, the heart of British industry and are passionate about the work we do.

This blog will explore the clean room environment and the need for high quality manufacturing of bearing housing in these tightly controlled workspaces.

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A brief history of clean room technology

Cleanroom technology is central to high tech manufacturing. As with the initial idea of a clean room that comes to mind, the development of cleanroom technology does come from the needs of health care and military requirements (Holbrook 2009).

…”Small‐sized mechanical and electro‐mechanical devices brought problems with dirt and dust to the forefront, particularly during World War II. High efficiency air filters developed during that conflict rapidly commercialized after the war and found broader applications.

Diversity in practices drove the demand for standards and fostered further developments. By the 1960s contamination control emerged as a distinct field, with clean room technology at its core. Thus established, the benefits of clean manufacturing spread to other fields and industries. The convergence of needs which underlay earlier developments remained an important developmental dynamic in contamination control” …

(Holbrook 2009: 173)

The acknowledgement of the need for this environmental control grew as our use of technology grew. Building spacecraft is a prime example and as we better understood the complexities of air contamination and the ways in which particles can cause damage even when we cannot see the microscopic transfer occurring, the more engineers responded to innovate solutions to prevent contamination damage.

Establishing a clean way of working in engineering and manufacture

Over the years, trial and error has seen clear approaches established in the business of keeping working environments clean. As bearing housing engineers, our knowledge of how we can create solutions for functions to be fulfilled without causing the space to become contaminated is a challenge that we particularly enjoy.

The location of contamination control components and working spaces adjacent to these play a major role in system accessibility for maintenance and testing. Failure to provide adequate space in and around housings and mechanical equipment results in high maintenance and testing costs, inhibits proper care and attention, and creates hazards (Kapoor and Gupta 2003).

We understand the scientific complexities around establishing clean working spaces, from air flows, and contamination levels to pressurised environments for manufacture. Our engineers are experienced in working within specific requirements across industries, ensuring that your bearing housing design is fit for purpose and our trademark high standard of product.

Design and Manufacture of Cast Steel Housing at Bri Mac International

Our products are built for extreme working conditions; aggressive and harsh working environments as well as clean rooms are where our purpose-built products truly stand out above our competitors. Our clients have experienced the benefits of investing in high-quality manufacture to save money in the long term with products that have longevity as part of their design.

We are passionate about design and spend much time finding solutions to bearing housing issues. Our housing solutions for clean working environments have been recognised by the Bearing Housing industry as the gold standard and our clients return time and time again for the working relationships we create through our collaboration; knowing we understand and commit to creating solutions that are proven to be effective every time.


Daniel Holbrook (2009) Controlling contamination: the origins of clean room technology, History and Technology, 25:3, 173-191, Accessed at DOI: 10.1080/07341510903083203 (accessed on 29.3.23)

Kapoor, J.C. and Gupta, M., 2003. Elements of Clean-room Technology and Contamination Control. Defence Science Journal, 53(3), p.249 Accessed at (accessed on 29.3.23)


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