Bri-Mac News

December 2013

Our design team received a very challenging enquiry to provide a solution to a problem which was resulting in high maintenance costs. Our good work resulted in an order to produce 4 units.

Working in a restricted space, we designed the cap and base with an angled part line to allow for easier assembly on site where conditions were harsh and accessibility restricted.

The Flame-Cut Steel housing provided a stronger alternative to the previous Cast Iron housing and with easy to mount end covers, it really is one of our top designs.

November 2013

Bri-Mac can manufacture the entire HBND range in Cast Steel and SG Iron.

November saw us ship HBND 3036 housings to a Steel Mill in Eastern Europe.

We are finding that the Cast Steel option is becoming more popular due to the increase in its working life.

October 2013

Bri-Mac specialise in custom Bearing Housings so when one of our customers required something special, Bri-Mac could deliver.

Bri-Mac designed and manufactured a special Flame-cut SSNT 517 that is much wider than the standard range. Accommodating for 2 sets of bearings for that special application.

Made from high quality Steel with a solid base, These are custom Bearing Housings at their finest.

September 2013

An important customer in France contacted Bri-Mac with the need to upgrade their large Steel Mills. The customer required stronger Bearing Housings that would excel standard products.

So Bri-Mac designed new stronger Bearing Housings with a solid base and with extra material surrounding the bearing.

The customer was satisfied with the stronger Cast Steel Bearing Housings that Bri-Mac supplied and plan to upgrade more Mills with the same product.

August 2013

Bri-Mac completed and despatched high quality Cast Steel THD Bearing Housings to a new customer in Canada this month.

With a total manufacturing time of 4 weeks Bri-Mac are proud to seek out new customers and showcase excellent customer service by supplying high quality Bearing Housings with rapid delivery.

July 2013

An important customer in Germany had a breakdown and needed to replace their cast SG Iron Bearing Housings.

Bri-Mac responded quickly by producing replacement Bearing Housings made from Flame-Cut Steel.

We managed to design, source material, manufacture and deliver our product within 4 weeks from receiving their order.

'Not only did Bri-Mac react quickly to their needs, but we replaced their housings with a stronger product' said Andrew Holdnall - Chief Designer.

April 2013

A large gold mine in South Africa contacted Bri-Mac requesting a split sealing system that can be replaced without dis-assembling their large Mill. We took a standard Labyrinth seal and designed it so it can be split. Because the Mill operated in a harsh condition, Bri-Mac also incorporated a split dust cover over the seal for extra protection.