Rapid Delivery Bearing Housings

Rapid Delivery Bearing Housings Rapid Delivery Bearing Housings

Bri-Mac can respond to breakdowns and emergencies by producing Flame-Cut Steel Bearing Housings.

Blocks of Steel used to produce these Bearing Housings can be sourced very quickly and eliminate time needed to produce pattern equipment and metal castings. Usually we can source the material into our factory with-in 5-10 days, then if we have machining capacity available we can machine the finished Bearing Housing with-in 10-15 days.

Depending on the Urgency, Size and Qty of your needs, Bri-Mac can complete and deliver your order with-in 3-4 weeks.

Flamecut steel bearing housings can be made to suit any bearing. They are manufactured to the highest standards in solid or split formats and are ideally suited for bespoke applications to replace obsolete parts. They have detachable end covers that house a wide range of seals.

Bri-Mac bearing housings come with full material, chemical and physical certification.


We replace your obselete bearing housing in steel.

We will often be asked to re-produce a bearing housing in steel when the old housing is obsolete. This can make big savings for the customer. 

Essentially, the housing is made from a block of steel and we very carefully machine the inner bearing bores from solid.

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