SOFN Bearing Housings

SOFN Bearing Housings are Split Housings that are Oil lubricated.

They have detachable end covers, Labyrinth seals and a flinger.

Bri-Mac can design and manufacture to suit any bearing arrangement, Located or Non-located, Through or Blank Housing, Stepped or Parallel Shaft.

Bri-Mac can supply this range of Bearing Housings in Flame-Cut Steel if a faster delivery is required.

This material can be sourced much quicker and will also be stronger than standard Cast Iron Bearing Housings.

The end covers can also be split to help aid assembly.

Bri-Mac also offer a special Water-Cooling system to help keep temperatures low and maintain a longer performance.

This is achieved by feeding intricate Copper piping inside the Bearing Housing to cool down the oil inside.

Other Bearing Housings in our range ...
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